Thrift pick: Colorburst 300 Kodak Instant Camera

During early autumn of 2013, I finally found a vintage camera that I had been looking for– a Colorburst 300 Kodak Instant Camera.

I go “thrifting” about once every two weeks. Typically, I search the electronics sections for antique gadgets– instant cameras, retro video games and the like. But usually I find only a few common, unremarkable pieces scattered about, usually priced too high. So I was thrilled when I found a Colorburst 300 for $3.

The hefty Colorburst 300 Kodak Instant Camera was one I wanted to add to my collection for quite some time. It isn’t particularly uncommon or valuable. In fact, you could buy one on eBay for about $10 if you wanted to. But I, like a lot of collectors, prefer picking in the wild– thrift store, garage sales, flea markets, because for me, that’s part of the experience.

At the time, the Colorburst 300 was a great camera. It featured a built-in electronic flash, motorized film ejection, a darken and lighten setting, and focus control. It didn’t require one-time-use flash bulbs. And its many television commercials made it a big seller, especially around the Christmas season.

The reason I had been looking for a Colorburst 300 is that  it looks fantastic. Like the Colorburst 100, the front of the camera is partially covered in a light brown leather. And the many buttons and settings makes it fascinating to just play around with.

And as a conversation piece that looks great on my shelf, the Colorburst 300 does just that.

Original Price: $75.00
Price paid: $3.00
Sold: 1978 – 1980
Film type: PR10 (PR144)

For more information about decorating with vintage cameras, check out my piece on incorporating vintage cameras into a modern living space.

  • HeartBeat

    Just got one from my mom in good condition. you can actually make it work if you want. They don’t make the films any more but you can buy one from ebay just for the film case (they are all expired and you would be lucky if you get an exposure) . Then you need to buy the current production polaroids films of Project impossible and in particular the Polaroid 600 I guess thats the one used in polaroid Image & Spectra type of camera. You need to convert the photos in a dark room from the polaroid 600 case to the Kodak PR144 case one at a time. PR144 is ISO 160 and the Spectra 600 film is 640. All you need to do is to darken two stops on the Kodak and it should work.

    I know its not practical or anything .. its just for the fun of it after all 🙂