Sonic Lost World releases brand new Yoshi’s Island-themed DLC

Remember when Sonic The Hedgehog was the mascot for the Sega, Nintendo’s biggest rival? That memory has never felt more distant than it does today.

In today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced some new Yoshi-themed downloadable content for Sonic’s newest underwhelming title, Sonic Lost Worlds. The DLC, which is available now, shows Sonic going through some of the classic Yoshi’s Island levels, complete with Shy Guys, patched and stitched backgrounds and even Yoshi’s eggs that follow Sonic around.

Players control Sonic has he runs through the levels collecting Yoshi’s eggs, fighting piranha plants, dashing through loopy loops and discovering new hidden areas.

Ultimately, the content looks less like a Sonic game set to Yoshi’s Island elements but rather a Yoshi’s Island game with Sonic strangely misplaced in the mix. This only seems to further highlight the fact that Sonic Lost Worlds doesn’t really contain the fast-paced, cool style that made Sonic’s glory days in the Sega Genesis era so successful.

Yes, Sonic is going through an identity crisis. But playing with Sonic through your favorite Yoshi’s Island levels still sounds like good times. And the fact that it’s all free is just plain awesome.

Iwata ended the Sonic Lost Worlds segment by teasing a second DLC to come later next year in the form of a Sonic Lost Worlds screenshot with a triforce hidden in the background, alluding to the second DLC package being Legend of Zelda-themed.

The new Sonic Lost Worlds DLC is available now. Watch the full Nintendo Direct here: