Ron Paul Gives Defeated Farewell Speech to Congress

On Wednesday morning, Rep. Ron Paul gave hisfarewell speech to the House floor before leaving Congress. The often hopeful representative was anything but optimistic, explaining that his attempts to shrink the size of the government while restoring individual liberty was largely unsuccessful.

Paul explained that his goals for Congress when his political career began are the ones he still has today. The former member of the House of Representatives expressed his frustration with governmental leaders who struggle to understand the importance of individual liberty in reversing destructive financial trends.

“We need an intellectual awakening,” Paul explained before painting a haunting picture of a future American if governmental leaders remain in its current trajectory, calling prosperity for the middle class in the future “an abstract dream.” The Texas politician echoed the same rhetoric that earned him the passionate underground political movement that has remained ignored by both major political parties and the mainstream media.

In the 48-minute speech, the former practicing physician gave a defeated speech outlining the growth of the government’s power despite his long-winded efforts. Paul boldly criticized the political leaders that he believes will result in the dystopian future that he so vividly described. Many of those corrupt political leaders were present on the House floor during Paul’s speech.

According to former Texas congressman Ron Paul, the problems of the current American political system are rooted in:

  • Political leaders’ desire to redistribute wealth
  • Criminalization of marijuana at the expense of tax dollars
  • Ignoring governmental protocol specified in the constitution
  • 2008 bailout of big banks and other government intervention of the elite
  • Regulation of consumerism products like light bulbs, milk and appliances
  • Creating money increasing inflation
  • Patriotic ideals that puts politicians at the forefront and not the principals/ the people
  • Use of religion to justify imperialistic goals
  • Tendency for the government to exploit minorities
  • Government-initiated aggression on citizens and their property
  • Government-initiated violence on other countries
  • Imposition on free speech on the internet
  • An ever-expanding tax code that is almost impossible to fully comprehend
  • Citizens who do not take personal responsibility for their lives

Sound familiar? Calling the financial crisis a “moral crisis,” Paul offered the same solution that he has offered all throughout his 36-year political career- limiting the power of the government and deregulating the free market, and inspiring a sense of tolerance and self-reliance.

His speech marked the end of an era. Despite being discounted for being naive and outdated, Paul’s rhetoric has inspired libertarian politicians to rise within local elections and for so many “Ronulans” to engage their peers in honest conversation about the trajectory of our economy and social climate.

“The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity for the maximum number of people worldwide, is to pursue the cause of liberty. If you find this to be a worth-while message, spread it throughout the land,” Paul concluded.


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