Photos: President Bill Clinton Speaks at DNC, Highlights from Day Two

"If you want a country of shared opportunities and shared responsibility, a we're-all-in-this-together society, you should vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden," said President Bill Clinton.

The highlight of the night was President Bill Clinton’s official nomination of Barack Obama for the Democratic 2012 election. Many of the speeches that prefaced Clinton’s speech came off as a bit formulaic as they gave brief histories of their careers and their departments, then explained how president Obama made them better.

But as I looked at the President Clinton and then at his teleprompter, he seemed to ad lib much of it. And based on the audience feedback, he was a hit. According to the transcript, the audience cheered 105 times and laughed 33 times before his conclusion.

“I want to nominate someone who’s cool on the outside, but who burns for America on the inside,” President Clinton began the speech. And the crown went wild.

President hit on all of the major bullet points one after the other very effectively and very articulately. He focuses on a theme that had reoccurred throughout the entirety of the day- cooperation. According to Clinton, a sense of unity is what has been missing from the Republican party, and it’s what he is certain President Barack Obama will potentially work to establish in his next term.

Convention visitors watch Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte at the Time Warner Cable Arena.
Second Lady Jill Biden speaks about the Obama administration's goal to make college education more affordable.
Second Lady Jill Biden speaks about the Obama administration’s goal to make college education more affordable.

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