Photos: North Carolina for Obama Promote Early Voting with Pumpkins

In a political climate where rhetoric is hostile and antagonizing, one campaign group is using a more expressive tactic to endorse their presidential candidate — with decorated pumpkins.

Toward the side of the busy walkway on the UNC Charlotte campus is a sign warning passersby of the N.C. General Statute that prohibits campaigning for a presidential candidate within 50 feet of a voting center.

About 51 feet away from the on-campus voting building sit two lines of pumpkins on each side of the leaf-covered sidewalk. Each pumpkin was covered in paint or stickers by members of North Carolina for Obama in order to encourage early voting.

As walkers stroll to and away from the voting center, some briefly stop to examine each pumpkin or take a picture before moving on.

While it may be doubtful that these colorful gourds will sway voters in one direction or another, it continues to function as a friendly reminder for Mecklenburg County residents to visit the voting center to cast your ballot.


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