Photos: DNC Protests, Highlights from Day One

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — For those with access to the convention hall, Democratic National Convention visitors had the opportunity to witness American history as some of the most influential political leaders spoke to audiences in the Queen City.

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro became the first Hispanic delegate to give a keynote speech, Lilly Ledbetter explained the significance of the Fair Play Act and First Lady Michelle Obama explained to an audience of more than 20,000 why Barack Obama has their back.

But many of the outlandish protestors managed to keep the events that occurred outside of the convention in the spotlight.

Visitors could escape the protests that consumed much of the city. At each street corner, radicals from both the left and the right voiced their views on platforms that thousands would see or pass by.

And they were heard by convention visitors and media outlets.

An Obama sand sculpture promotes tourism in Myrtle Beach.
A bus riding around the Uptown area shows some disturbing radical images, including one of a dead fetus and another of Obama sucking the blood out of the neck of Lady Liberty.

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