Nintendo previews Dr Luigi for Wii U, first impressions

Dr Luigi is in the house with his final game of the “Year of Luigi.”

Dr Luigi for the Wii U is the newest installment of the Dr Mario franchise. Similar to past games, players control colored pills and use them to defeat the corresponding viruses.

New features come in small doses when it comes to the Dr Mario series. Since its 1990 release on the NES, Dr Mario hasn’t changed up the formula much, because it never really needed to. It’s a fun, challenging game that works well for beginners and veteran puzzle gamers.

One new mode in Dr Luigi is called “Operation L,” wherein Luigi uses two pills stuck together forming the letter “L,” much like the same shape in Tetris. According to Iwata, this mode is great for beginners. Although there are still easy, medium and hard modes for your preference.

And of course, the original Dr Mario game will be playable as well. The game also features two-player competitions wherein you try to get rid of all of your viruses before the other player. Chaining combos together will allow you to launch obstacles onto your opponent’s puzzle board.

Perhaps the most innovative feature in Dr Luigi is the ability to utilize the Wii U gamepad to rotate and guide your pills to where they need to be separate from the television screen.

Dr Luigi will be released on December 31 of 2013. Check out the trailer here: