My Life Listed: Developing a personal, attainable bucket list

A few months ago, I was rummaging through some of my old notebooks and diaries when I stumbled upon my old bucket list from high school. And I decided to revise it.

Not surprisingly, my original set of goals was mostly mundane, thoroughly silly and sometimes impossible. All in all, they weren’t objectives that I still had a desire to accomplish after maturing through college. Bucket lists are specific, unique and personal. What you hope to accomplish in your lifetime says a lot about who you are and what’s important to you.

My ultimate goal in developing a brand new bucket list is to, in the end, have a better life story. I feel like everyone should have that same goal. What varies from person to person is how they define “better.”

To me, it’s not about adventure for adventure’s sake nor is it about wanting people to think I’m an interesting person. I want to develop goals that will help me 1) better myself, 2) better the people and community around me, and 3) be happy.

So with that in mind, I scripted a new bucket list:

• Write and publish a book
• Live in New York City
• Live in or near Los Angeles
• Rent a business conference room with glass walls for a Smash Bros tournament
• Take a homeless person to dinner, document his or her story
• Sing and play Adventure Time theme on ukulele in a crowded elevator
• Go skinnydipping in a public body of water
• Get matching tattoos with someone
• Make a bottle of wine out of grapes that I grew myself
• Go skiing dressed as Batman
• Own a motorcycle for a year
• Learn to play guitar
• Kayak with whales or dolphins
• Complete a pub crawl
• Go horseback riding in the mountains
• Cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner
• Get a story published in GQ, Rolling Stone or Esquire
• Win a game of blackjack at a casino
• Build an elaborate treehouse
• Have my art featured in a gallery
• Catch a shark, take a picture with it
• Go apple picking, make five different foods or drinks from those apples
• Film a documentary
• Grow 200 pumpkins, have a pumpkin sale; when people come, give them away for free

I don’t expect this list to stay the same nor do I anticipate finishing everything on it. Every year, I’ll scratch off goals from my list and add new ones. Maybe one year I’ll decide one or two goals aren’t worth doing. The list will change, because I will change.

But I don’t want to wait for these things to happen to me. That would defeat the purpose. With this list, I wanted to write highlights from my life story before they happened. That way, I can actively make real attempts to go get them.