MEATLESS MONDAY: Mixed vegetable and egg fried rice

Growing up in a half Vietnamese home, I remember having fried rice a couple times a week, usually with mixed vegetables and either Vietnamese or Chinese spiced sausage, pork chops or chicken. And while I like those variations, I’ve found myself substituting the meat portion with vegetables or eggs.

Before shopping for eggs, be sure to check out this short guide to finding ethically raised eggs in your supermarket. In short, try to find a carton that says “Certified Organic” on the carton.

For convenience, I usually purchase a large bag of the veggies already chopped and mixed in the frozen food section. Just make sure you pick up a bag that doesn’t contain any preservatives, which usually contain an unnecessary amount of sodium. 

Ingredients for two meals:
•  1 and 1/2 cup of rice (brown or white)
•  2-3 eggs
•  1/3 cup of chopped carrots
•  1/3 cup of chopped green beans
•  1/3 cup of fresh corn kernels
•  1/4 cup of cut onions (optional)
•  Olive oil

1.  Begin making the rice in the rice cooker.
2.  Cover your pan with a thin layer of olive oil, turn the stove up to medium, break two to three eggs and begin to scramble the eggs. Break the eggs into small pieces as they scramble.
3. Mix the veggies in with the egg and mix on medium for about ten minutes.
4.  Mix rice, veggies and egg in two bowls and serve.

With this recipe, there is no need for sauces. Some like to add a little bit of soy sauce, but be sure to watch how much sodium you’ll be adding in the process. I love my oriental foods spicy, so I usually add a bit of thinly sliced red peppers or chili pepper sauce.

This piece is one in a series of Meatless Monday recipes. Try this recipe and tell me about your favorite variation in the comment section!  And if you’d like to request or submit a recipe, visit our contact page