Five more days until the Horror Sequel Marathon!

There’s only five more days until October! We’re working on finalizing our 31 movies and trying to write as many of reviews in advance so that we can make sure the reviews and commentary are thoughtful and not rushed. With this post, I wanted to talk about one of my biggest inspirations for this horror movie marathon: Cinemassacre.

James Rolfe (with his production company Cinemassacre) published his first series of horror movie marathons in 2007. Each October for the past eight years, James has released his own series of horror movie-related videos– usually both reviewing and providing a history of various franchises. I became a big fan of Rolfe’s after his Angry Video Game Nerd series as well as his Board James series. So I was excited when I discovered his horror marathons.

While he’s not the only one doing these 31-day marathons, he’s certainly my personal favorite. When I decided to publish a horror marathon of my own, I wanted to make sure they were about subjects that I was interested in and preferably hadn’t been done before. My first year, I focused on my 31 favorite indie movies. As far as I know, this was the first 31-day indie horror marathon. It was mildly successful over the month of October, then went viral after I posted a complete list on Imgur in November.

This year, it seemed appropriate to focus on second entries in our favorite horror franchises– since this was our second horror marathon. Several other websites (including Cinemassacre) had rounded up their choices for 31 best horror movie sequels. But they included all sequels, not just seconds. So that’s how we landed on the horror sequel marathon.

Check out a recap of all of James’ horror movie marathons from 2007-2014: