Every video game trade I made in the year 2013 through Instagram

Upon posting a few pictures of my retro video game collection, I discovered a huge retro gaming community on Instagram. And I soon made my first of many trades.

Collectors have huge tasks ahead of them, especially ones who are looking for complete collections of certain consoles. So it’s vital to network with other collectors to help them fill in the gaps.

I currently collect for over two dozen gaming consoles. This year, I made over ten trades. Here are some of the highlights of the trades I can remember:

8561421881_b4bac3aafd_oEarly March trade with @dano_brown

My first trade was with one of my favorite retro gamers on IG, Dano, who also has one of the biggest NES collections I’ve seen and who’s all around one of the coolest guys I’ve met in the retro gaming community.

I traded my mint condition copy of Mario’s Cement Factory Game & Watch for Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (SNES) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES), which is one of my favorite co-op games on any console.

Dano was kind enough to throw in Toy Story (SNES) as a bonus, which I had never played before.

Dano also designs a lot of really awesome t-shirts, usually Adventure Time or retro video game-related art, on his Redbubble page. My favorite design is called “Curse of the Crown.”


8621471557_d7005dce52_oApril trade with @mindl3ssmaggots

I was again able to make a trade with one of my other favorite retro-gamers on Intagram, Titus, who also has one of the biggest NES collections I’ve ever seen.

I traded my VGA-graded copy of F-Zero on the Super Nintendo for Super Mario All-Stars, which is still my most prized title in my Wii collection.

The rest of the XBOX games pictured were just awesome bonuses. Mega Man Anniversary Collection was especially a great title to fill in the gaps of the Mega Man games that I haven’t been able to find.

Check out my article about my first experience with the Video Game Authority, wherein I discuss the steps I took to submit my games and my overall impression of the organization. 


8623344018_5500068b38_oApril trade with @the_sega_hippy

This was my second trade with my stoner-gamer friend and one of the biggest Sega collectors that I know of.

I traded my Donkey Kong edition Nintendo 64 controller for my first Sega 32x add-on (missing one of the adapters), a loose copy of F-Zero and Star Wars: Battlefront II.

The Sega Hippy would become the guy who I made the most trades with. And Star Wars: Battlefront II is still my favorite game for the XBOX.

It’s been about eight months since I recieved the 32X add-on. And even though I hadn’t planned to go put a lot of focus on the add-on, I still haven’t found a single 32X game, even though there are only about three dozen games on the platform.


8647848283_954e95932f_oApril trade with @morrbm3

My first trade with Brian was a simple and straight forward one.

I traded him my copy of Mario Kart 64 for this copy of Luigi’s Mansion. For whatever reason, I had run into several cheap copies of Mario Kart 64.

I had planned to play through this title before the sequel was released on the 3DS, but I never found the time. I eventually replaced this copy with a non-Player’s Choice edition of the game.

I’m not really sure where Brian finds the time to play and collect games. He recently graduated from the Air Force Basic Basic Military Training. He’s currently training to be an air traffic control operator.


8682660154_bbbe5e867f_oLast trade of April with @hawke023

I hadn’t really networked with Daniel much prior to this trade or after. Our retro swapping relationship was short and sweet. 

I traded my loose copies of Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64 for Mario Party 8 and Paper Mario.

Mario Party 8 is an adacquet entry into the Mario Party series, and Paper Mario is still one of my favorite games of all time.


8727707378_22e170a07d_oMay trade with @johnblueriggs

My trade with John, another retro gamer with an enormous NES collection, involved me hassling him for a trade for months, as I tried to find something in my collection that he either didn’t already own.

John, who has an awesome radio personality, eventually agreed to a half trade- half sale of this Turbo Grafx 16 bundle, which includes the Turbo Grafx console, the CD add-on, two controllers, multi-tap accessory and a carrying case. I sent him Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds (a homebrew Link to the Past spin-off for the SNES), Pokemon Pinball complete in box and about $100.

John is still one of the coolest guys I’ve met retro trading. Check out his YouTube channel.


8834827182_97e10cfda9_oMay trade with @retrogamer_h

Harold and I had been talking about setting up a trade for a long time prior. We finally sealed a deal after I purchased my first XBOX 360 and needed some games.

I traded my VGA-graded copy of F-Zero (SNES) and my complete in box copy of To The Earth (NES) for the two XBOX 360 games, the two Gamecube games and the 360 controller pictured.

Halo 4 was relatively new at the time, and I had been wanting to play the cooperative mode with my girlfriend. Metroid Prime was an essential title from the Gamecube game that I wanted to scratch off my list but never wanted to pay full price.

Custom Robo was actually one of my favorite games on the Gamecube. The series had three games released in Japan prior to this one and one after in the U.S. on the DS.


8883117286_335f4f6773_oThird trade of May with @bowserisking

Dan is still one of the most down to earth guys I’ve met on Instagram.

In our first trade, I traded my third VGA-graded copy of F-Zero (SNES) and some classic, complete in box Game Boy Advance titles– Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Super Mario Advance 2, Pokemon LeafGreen and Pokemon FireRed– for a dozen XBOX 360 games, Mega Man Anniversary Collection (Gamecube) and two XBOX 360 controllers.

I threw in an e-reader for the Game Boy Advance and sealed packs of Excite Bike, Donkey Kong 3 and Tennis as a bonus. And much to my surprise, instead of a standard controller, Dan sent the limited edition Halo Reach controller.

Dan has a really engaging Instagram presence. And hopefully, he and I will be able to collaborate on some My Vinyl Muse-related content in the future.


10618913895_91db24db9b_oNovember trade with @palewhiteboy

Jordan and I first bonded over a mutual passion for retro gaming and the Charlotte Hornets franchise.

I traded him my complete in box copy of Pikmin (Gamecube) and a 30th Anniversary edition of Iron Man comic book for two complete in box Nintendo 64 titles– Star Wars Shadows of the Empire and Perfect Dark.

Shadows of the Empire was the first great third-person shooter that I really got into when I was a kid. And it’s still one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games.


11035234516_2bfc7bcaa0_oMy December trade with @mindl3ssmaggots 

My final trade of the year with Titus was also my favorite trade of the year.

I traded my minty Playstation Vita and box and manual for Dr Mario/ Puzzle League (GBA) for six incredible Super Nintendo games– Battletoads In Battlemaniacs, Breath of Fire, Yoshi’s Island, Lufia and The Fortress of Doom, Secret of Mana and Secret of Evermore.

I also paid for shipping for both him and myself in an attempt to make up for the trade being more in my favor.

These six titles were at the top of my wanted list, not just for the Super Nintendo. Yoshi’s Island is one of my favorite games. Battletoads in Battlemaniacs is supposedly a great beat em up. And I’ve heard the other four RPGs are classics and must-plays.


11700322573_ba6ac13fa0_oFinal trade of the year with @nintenderginger

I hadn’t talk to Ryan before this trade. But I’m glad I was able to make a trade with him, because Ryan helped me scratch off a big title from my wanted list.

I traded my complete in box copy of Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (GBA), the box and manual for Pokemon Emerald and a loose cart of Pokemon Sapphire for the box and manuals for Pokemon Diamond (DS) and Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (GBA), Street Fighter II, Kid Icarus and Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition.

Ryan was also kind enough to throw in a stack of X-Men cards. However, Legend of Zelda: Collectors edition was the highlight from the trade and one of my most treasured additions to my collection.


2013 has been a great year for me in terms of big gaming pick-ups and trades. I can only hope 2014 is more of the same. I enjoyed trading with other collectors so much that I created a new hashtag, #ForTradeFriday, in April. The hashtag recently got its 1,000th post. 

Currently, I’m working on starting a new column on Retro Chronicle about tips on retro game collecting. Expect a post about retro game trading sometime in 2014.

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    I love Titus! Super solid guy. Just wait till you see what I got from him. 😉