DNC in 2012 is History’s Most Interactive Democratic Convention

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — For those who want to stay active with the 2012 Democratic National Convention but don’t have the means to make the trip to the Queen City are in luck. DNC officials and media outlets have been hard at work making plans to create the most open-to-the-public democratic convention in history.

Officials began making announcements the morning of Aug. 31, when Democratic National Convention Center (DNC) officials unveiled the state-of-the-art convention podium stage at the Charlotte Bobcats’ home — Time Warner Cable Arena. The speakers — including DNCC CEO Stephen Kerrigan, COO Theo LeCompte and Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx — explained what went into organizing the convention.

According to Foxx, the arena construction and the DNC were mostly made possible by Charlotteans; LeCompte’s more technical details of the construction echoed this sentiment.

Most of the work that transformed this arena into a world-class convention hall was done by local companies and local workers,” Foxx said. “Their first class work will be seen by millions of people across the world.”

This seemed to reflect a more eloquent and less confusing version of the “we built it” slogan that was commonly used at the Republican National Convention.

Kerrigan was asked how he designed the stage to get the message presented by the convention in the most effective way possible.

“We’re on eight different digital media platforms,” said Kerrigan. “So the folks who don’t just watch network television to get their news can access speeches and watch live-streaming video of what’s going on. Our hope is that all we do in here (in Time Warner Cable Arena) will be conveyed to people at home whether through our friends in the television media or through radio or through digital media.”

According to Kerrigan, the DNC organizers aim to allow anyone who wants to access every aspect of the convention can do so at home. This tactic is used especially for young people, who are a large part of the DNC both as the audience and as participants.

Social media play a large role in that.

The DNC Facebook page updates users on different DNC-related developments throughout the convention. The YouTube channel will feature live video feeds from three different cameras as well as various featured videos that shows behind-the-scene videos with various delegates and convention organizers.

A newly-revamped ABC News iPad app will also stream three different live video feeds of the DNC as it happens. Additionally, a social media component will allow users to voice their opinions on specific segments of the coverage.

“By literally layering together live video with the text-oriented social feed, and letting users position the social content to their liking, we are taking a first step in exploring how to use touch navigation to fuse the television and desktop navigation sensibilities,” says Doug Vance, vice president of product strategy at ABC News.

CNN’s “America’s Choice 2012″ Facebook app was also launched this year, which is designed to amplify the voices of individuals on Facebook through one application. CNN also released an “I’m Voting” app, which allows users to make a public commitment to voting as well as endorse specific candidates and policies.

With the help of various media outlets, the Democratic National Convention will be able to get its message across to anyone who is willing to hear in almost any medium they choose.

“The Queen City is going to be on a national and international platform like never before. And we will put out best foot forward,” Foxx said. “Our city is a city on the move, a city that makes great things possible.”


This article was originally published on Yahoo! News through the Yahoo Contributor Network which was shut down in July 2014. For more content by this author that was originally published on Yahoo! News, click here.