College guide: Spring cleaning in one day

It’s that time of the year again. The last weeks of the semester are around the corner, and you’re beginning to prepare for upcoming finals. So cleaning and reorganizing your college dorm or apartment might be the last thing on your mind.

But clearing space and improving the flow of your room can help you free up your mind to focus on your academic tasks of the semester. According to a recent study by the Association of Psychological Science, a cluttered desk may promote more creative thinking. But organized space is believed to stimulate distraction-free productivity.

Spring cleaning in college entails a unique set of challenges, such as limited space and time. This might be why the process tends to drag on for days or even weeks. But with proper planning and organizational tips, you can complete your college spring cleaning in one day.

First, restock on essential cleaning supplies. Take a quick trip to the store for everything you’ll need: disinfectant, detergent, fabric softener, soap and trash bags. In addition to re-organizing, you’ll want to rid your apartment or dorm of germs and bacteria especially in your kitchen area.

Discard the clutter. Designate a box for donations like unwanted appliances and clothes. Go through every corner of your apartment and separate your belongings that you no longer use. Consider selling your used textbooks, designer clothes and gadgets like graphing calculators online or at a local thrift store.

Focus on one room or area at a time. Each section of your living space requires a different set of tasks and supplies. Re-organize one area at a time, before vacuuming and disinfecting the entire apartment. Not only is it more efficient, but it will seem to make the entire process go by more quickly.

Take advantage of every inch of your closet space. Because of how frequently you cycle through clothes, closets can be the messiest part of your apartment. Spring cleaning offers the perfect opportunity to rethink the way you utilize closet space. Consider investing in closet organizers that will help you keep all of your attire sorted and accessible.

Reevaluate the way you layout your desk. As a college student, your desk is probably the most important part of your living space. And its purpose is to bolster an environment of concentration and resourcefulness. Consider investing in supplies that will keep your textbooks, course work and schedule organized.

De-clutter your computer the same as your room. Though this task can be especially time-consuming, it’s important that your computer stay organized so that your course work and college files are easy to locate. Create a new file just for forms such as insurance forms, college applications and bills and sort your college work (all of it) by semester and course. Consider purchasing an external hard drive to back up all of your files in case your computer malfunctions.

Lastly, set up a new system for staying organized in the future. Just because you’re in a temporary living situation doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of the space you have. Now that you have your living space organized the way you want it, develop a new system to keep it that way. The most important part of staying organized is planning.